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RV Camping Checklist

The best RV camping checklist is custom made for your family and your trailer.

Here we are with our trailer.

family in front of travel trailer

On this page, you'll find the list we use, tailored exactly to our trailer.

Modify our list to suit your RV and your family's needs.

With a complete list, it's easy to pack your RV at the beginning of the season.

Then every subsequent trip will be a breeze!

This page gives instructions for making your own personalized checklist.

Why use a list?

Without a list, packing can be stressful.

Getting to the campground and discovering that you've forgotten an essential item is definitely stressful!

With a good list, packing is relaxing and your trip will be a success.

How to use an RV camping checklist.

Use this list as a starting point.

You may not need all the items on this list. Remove the ones that don't apply.

You'll definitely think of things you want that are not on the list. Add them.

Unless you have a trailer that is identical to ours, you'll need to change the headings to fit your RV's cupboards.

Be specific.

List exactly what to put in the RV. Which cups? How many flashlights? How many camping chairs?

Organize your list by compartment.

Give every cupboard, drawer and closet its own section on the list. That makes it easy to scan each section and see what is missing.

We have more gear than we have cupboards, so we also take along some plastic Rubbermaid tubs full of supplies. If you do, too, be sure to include them on your list.

cutlery in drawer

Use your RV camping checklist at the beginning of the season.

Follow the list as you pack the RV for your first trip. This will be a big job - but it makes the rest of the season so easy!

Use your list before each trip.

Before each subsequent trip, take the list out to the RV.

Do a quick scan of each drawer, cupboard and closet.  Many will already be completely packed.

Make a note of what is missing, and repack as needed.

Add to the list.

On every trip, you'll discover something else that you wish you'd brought from home - but by the time you get home, you may have forgotten what it was!

We hang an erasable note board in the trailer, on the inside of a closet door. Every time we think of something else to add to our RV camping checklist, we jot it on the note board.

At the end of the trip, we take the note board inside and add those items to the master RV camping checklist on our computer.

My RV Camping Checklist

Clothing cupboards

clothing in RV cupboard
  • socks
  • underwear
  • T-shirts
  • long sleeved shirts
  • shorts
  • pants
  • pajamas
  • bathing suits

Coat closet

  • sweatshirts
  • jackets
  • fleeces
  • rainwear
  • warm coats
  • mittens
  • warm hats
  • slippers
  • sunhats
  • laminated note board

Linen closet

towels in RV cupboard
  • bath towels
  • beach towels
  • hand towels
  • washcloths
  • dishtowels, dishcloths
  • cleaning cloths
  • tablecloth
  • laundry bag
  • beach blanket
  • oven mitts

This item is on my camping wish list! I'd love to replace my oven mitts with one or two of these!

Food cupboard

food in RV cupboard
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • sugar
  • salt, pepper
  • spices
  • hot chocolate, tea
  • oil
  • pancake mix
  • oatmeal
  • cereal
  • marshmallows
  • graham crackers
  • chocolate bars
  • oysters
  • canned fish
  • canned soup
  • crackers
  • peanut butter
  • jam
  • pasta, pasta sauce

These are the staples that I take on every trip. Once I have made a meal plan, I add other ingredients.

For lots of great camping food ideas, click here.

Here's a quick and easy way to pack some of the most widely used spices. This handy unit comes filled with salt, black pepper, garlic salt, cayenne, curry & paprika.

Fridge and freezer

  • hot dogs
  • mustard
  • relish
  • ketchup
  • ice
  • cold packs
  • ice cube tray

Dishes cupboard

dishes in RV cupboard
  • plates and bowls
  • cups
  • mugs
  • mixing bowl
  • containers for leftovers, with lids
  • butter container
  • teapot and tea cozy
  • measuring cups
  • paper towels
  • Thermos
  • stainless steel water bottles
  • bike bottles
  • cream jug
  • hot pad

This sturdy bowl is large enough for mixing up a big batch of pancakes, but collapses to less than 2 inches high for easy storage.

Pots cupboard

  • skillet
  • pots and lids
  • colander
  • baking dish
  • cookie sheet
  • mixing bowl

What a great idea: a colander that collapses flat. In an RV, you need to make good use of every square inch of storage space!

Cutlery drawer

  • knives, forks, spoons
  • serving spoons
  • wooden spoons
  • measuring spoons
  • metal flipper
  • grater
  • can opener
  • garlic press
  • potato masher
  • tablecloth clips
  • pot lifter
  • spatula
  • tongs
  • fish knife
  • bread knife
  • paring knives
  • steak knives
  • large knives
  • twist ties

This sturdy potato masher works very well - and it folds flat for storage!

Tool drawer

  • matches, lighters
  • flashlights 
  • headlamps
  • pens and pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • camera and batteries
  • charger for camera
  • trailer level
  • volt meter
  • emergency whistle
  • lighter fluid
  • Ziploc bags
  • sewing kit
  • camping knife

This handy sewing kit includes scissors, measuring tape, needles, pins, buttons, thread and more:  everything you need for quick fixes!

Under the sink

  • hand basins
  • garbage bags
  • dustpan and brush
  • newspaper (for fire starter)
  • aluminum foil
  • large cutting board
  • hand soap dispenser
  • dish soap
  • scrubbies
  • fly swatter
  • coffee pot
  • dishpan

This attractive stove-top cutting board gives you extra counter space!

Cupboard behind table bench

  • pad of paper
  • maps
  • instruction manuals
  • battery discharge chart

Storage compartment under the rear bed

  • small cooler
  • daypack
  • toaster

In the top bunk

  • pillows
  • blankets

Games cupboard

  • games
  • toys
  • art and craft supplies
  • books

These are some of our favorite board games to play while camping.

Here's just the thing for a rainy day: a handy case stuffed with crayons, markers, colored pencils and paper!

Shoes cabinet

  • beach shoes
  • running shoes
  • sandals
  • rubber boots

Bathroom cabinet

  • toilet paper
  • soap
  • cleaning supplies
  • laundry soap
  • insect repellent
  • lip balm
  • sunscreen, aloe gel
  • individual bathroom kits
  • first aid kit
  • Kleenex
  • shampoo
  • hand cream

Here's a good camping first aid kit. It has the things you'll need to deal with most minor emergencies.

Recreational gear compartment

  • hammock
  • hammock chair 
  • hanging straps
  • awning pull down hook
  • bicycle tire pump
  • bike tools
  • bike lock
  • balls and outdoor toys
  • baseball gear
  • soccer gear
  • box of chalk
  • bike helmets, bike gloves
  • large tent pegs
  • swim noodles, swim toys
  • pump for inflatable toys
  • pails, shovels, toy trucks

Drawing on paved campground roads with chalk is a great way to spend a morning!

Tools compartment

  • Coleman stove
  • fuel and funnel
  • hamburger cooker
  • marshmallow sticks
  • axe, hatchet
  • drinking water hoses
  • pressure reducer
  • water spout to fill tank
  • equalizer hitch handle
  • grease for hitch
  • trailer leveler handle
  • rope
  • outdoor carpet
  • wasp traps
  • duct tape
  • 12 gauge extension cord

Here's my favorite type of marshmallow fork! It's long enough for safety, but collapses for easy storage. It has a wooden handle, double tines, and a thumb roller so that you can rotate your marshmallow easily!

RV accessories compartment

  • wheel chocks
  • wood blocks
  • toilet additive
  • drain hoses
  • drain hose connectors
  • rubber gloves

"Camping Supplies" tub

  • tarp clips
  • awning lantern hooks
  • clothesline
  • clothespins

"Repair and Maintenance" tub

  • bike tire repair can
  • hitch supplies
  • spare parts
  • glue
  • old toothbrush

In the back of the vehicle

Staying for a while in a site with no hookups? This handy portable tank will let you empty your grey or black water tanks without having to move your RV.

In the vehicle

  • water bottles
  • travel food
  • music
  • travel toys
  • directions to campground
  • camping reservations info
  • sunglasses

Don't have time to make a personalized list?

If you'd prefer to use an all-purpose printable RV checklist, click here.

Don't forget

  • to wear a watch
  • to put the towing mirrors on the vehicle
  • to give a key to the neighbors
  • the trailer keys
  • the meal plan
  • a roll of quarters (for laundromat, arcade, parking meters)
  • this list

Adapting this RV camping checklist to suit your needs will take a bit of time - but it is a wonderful investment in your future camping trips.

Now that you have a good RV camping checklist, have a look at some more camping list types.

Before you start packing, be sure to visit the The Camping Family home page. You'll find all sorts of helpful ideas to make your trip a success!

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5 items
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RV toilet paper

can opener

lighter or matches

insect repellent

keys to RV


5 items
you might not have thought of

sewing kit

laundry bag

roll of coins

containers for leftovers

tablecloth clips


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