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Camping Games

Playing camping games together is one of my favorite things to do on a family camping trip.

When we are on vacation, we have the time to have fun together! Playing games lets us reconnect as a family. We can learn new skills, enjoy some friendly competition, and be silly together.

bocce ball

You might be tempted to pack the iPad, just in case the kids get bored. Don't do it!

Spending time away from the phone, the TV and the computer is the perfect opportunity for everyone to remember how to play!

There are so many great camping games that you really don't have to resort to using electronics.



scavenger hunt

washer toss


board games

What makes a good camping game?

• It gets everyone involved.

• It is fun for all ages.

• It has fairly simple rules.

• It uses simple equipment - or none at all

playing cards by the ocean

Here are some fun games to play on your next family camping trip.

Campsite Games

Visit any busy campground and peek into the campsites. Chances are that you'll see at least a couple of these popular campsite games.

ladderball game

These are all variations on the same theme: "throw something at a target".

They are all easy to play, suitable for all ages, and lots of fun!

  • Bocce

Click here for more information on these games for camping.

Active Games

You don't have to have special equipment in order to have fun playing together!

Remember the games of your childhood? They are still fun - especially when you play them together with your family!

  • Tag
  • Kick the Can
  • Capture the Flag
  • Hide and Seek
  • Red Light, Green Light

All you need for these games is an open space, a group of people, and a willingness to have fun.

playing tag

If you're feeling especially ambitious, organize a scavenger hunt! Here are some scavenger hunt list ideas to get you started.


Pack up a couple of pieces of sports equipment and organize an informal game.

When our kids were smaller, we made sure to take

  • balls
  • frisbees
  • kites

playing ball with Grandpa

Now that they are bigger, we pack

  • baseball equipment
  • badminton racquets
  • soccer balls

boy playing soccer

Board Games

Would you believe that I always hope for at least one rainy day on a camping trip? It's true! I love sitting in the trailer, or under a tarp, drinking hot chocolate and playing board games!

kids playing board games at the picnic table

The best games to take camping don't have a lot of small pieces and are fun for all ages - like these ones:


the Gobblet game

the Farkel dice game


Rat-a-Tat Cat

Click here to see more of our favorite board games to play while camping.

Nighttime Games

Playing games in the dark is exciting!

Click here to learn how to play flashlight tag and more nighttime games.

Free play

Don't organize every minute of your camping day. Make sure that your kids have lots of unstructured time so that they can make their own fun.

small boy playing with rocks and a bucket

Here are some fun camping ideas to spark their imaginations.

Have fun playing together on your next family camping trip!

Now that you have lots of great camping games in mind, visit The Camping Family home page for more camping ideas.

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