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 A Good Camping List:

One Of Your Most Important Pieces
of Camping Equipment!

When you have a complete camping list, packing for your family camping trip is easy!

If you've ever gone camping and realized that you've left the cutlery at home (I have!), you know the importance of a good camping checklist.

Checklists are handy for all sorts of other occasions, too.

backpacking list

backpacking list

tent camping checklist

tent camping list

rv camping checklist

RV camping list

camping food list

camping food list

beach packing list

beach list

first aid kit checklist

first aid kit list

clothing list

canoe camping gear list

canoe camping list

With a good camping pack list in hand, you'll find it easy to pack for a camping trip!

camping gear on porch

Using a camping packing list

Choose the list that matches your needs.

Click on one of the little photos at the top of the page to see the appropriate list. You can choose to view it onscreen, or print it out.

Modify the list.

Tailor the list to your family's needs. Remove items that don't apply to you. Add any other items that come to mind.

Print out the list.

Keep the list handy while you pack.

trailer packing list

As soon as you have packed an item, cross it off the list.

Pack the list.

Be sure to bring the list with you on your trip.

When you think of an item you wish you had brought (and this will happen on every single trip, no matter how many times you go camping), write it on  the list.

Perfect the list.

When you get home, add the new items to your master camping list.

Soon you will have a perfectly complete camping checklist tailored for your family!

Types of lists

Backpacking list

A backpacking list is short, but vital. When you are on a hiking trip in the backcountry, you can't afford to forget anything!

Click here for a good backpacking list.

backpackers in meadow

Tent camping checklist

When you are car camping, you'll be able to take more gear - but you'll still have to pack carefully. Space in a vehicle is limited!

Here's the tent packing checklist we use.

cooler and gear in back of truck

RV camping checklist

The beauty of camping in a trailer, fifth wheel, pop up camper or motorhome is that you have to pack just once, at the beginning of the season!

You can leave your RV packed with the essentials, and you'll be ready to go camping at a monent's notice! All you need to pack for each new trip is your food and your clothes.

Of course, you'll need a good RV packing list to get your RV packed at the beginning of the season. Here's the one we use.

Canoe camping list

Canoe camping is perfect for families with small children. 

You'll need to pack carefully to fit everything in the canoe - and you won't want to forget a thing!

family in loaded canoe

It's not so easy to go back and pick things up when you are on the far side of a lake!

Here's the canoe camping gear that we use.

Beach packing list

It's handy to have a beach packing list, whether you're making a day trip from home, or heading to the beach from your campsite.

You don't want to get all the way there only to realize you've forgotten the sunscreen or the shovels.

Here's a good beach packing list.

First Aid Kit list

Every camping family should have a well-stocked first aid kit.

You can buy a pre-packed kit, or make your own using this list.

Clothing list

Here are camping clothes lists for every member of the family.

Food list

Of course, one of the most important parts of camping is eating!

camping food on table

I start with a list of the camping food essentials that I take on every car camping trip, and I add to it once I have decided exactly what we are going to eat.

Camp Kitchen list

Some people like to have a separate camp kitchen checklist.

Baby Gear list

If you are camping with infants, you'll want a list of baby camping equipment.

Having the right list makes the first part of your camping trip - planning a family camping trip and packing - an enjoyable part of the experience. It also sets the stage for a wonderful vacation, one where you have everything with you that you need.

Now that you have the right camping list for your trip, go to The Camping Family home page for information about every aspect of your next trip.

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