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Beach Packing List

Having a good beach packing list ensures that your trip to the lake or ocean is a successful one!

Once you've gotten to the campground, set up the campsite, fed everyone and settled in a bit, chances are good that the kids are going to want to go to the beach.

wooden beach sign

The last thing you want to do, though, is organize one more thing.

If you have brought your beach packing list, you don't need to! Just pull out the list, throw what you need into your beach bag, and off you go!

Of course, you won't take every single thing on the list every time you go to the beach.

You may think of other items that aren't on the list.

Use this as a starting point for making the perfect list for you.

For a printable beach packing list, click here.

This beach bag has a mesh bottom so that you can leave the sand at the beach! Large outer pockets hold all of the things you want to have handy, and there is room in the bag for a whole family of towels.

Before you leave the campsite

Make sure that everyone knows your campsite number.

You want to make sure that all of your children can find their way back to the site if they get separated from you!

Have everyone use the bathroom.

I know: they are going to say that they don't need to. Everyone will be much happier if you take care of this now, though!

Make sure everyone is wearing suitable footwear for the walk to the beach.

Beach shoes should be comfortable for walking, easy to put on and off, and able to get wet.

We like easy-to-slip-on sandals like these ones.

Beach Packing List

Toys and swim aids

  • pails, shovels, sieves
  • trucks
  • frisbees
  • balls
  • air mattresses
  • swim rings
  • boogie boards
  • pump for inflatables

We like using a dual-action pump like this one, because it gets the job done in half the time - with half the effort.

You can use this to deflate your mattresses at the end of the day, too!

  • goggles or masks
  • plastic containers with lids (for collecting stuff)
  • life jackets

small boys with pdfs and snorkels


  • bathing suits
  • towels
  • sunhats
  • beach shoes or flip flops
  • warmer clothes for the end of the day
  • sun protection clothing

These handy suits are great! Instead of fighting to put sunscreen on your todders, just dress them in a protective suit. We bought these a size or two larger than our kids needed, and they lasted for years.


  • cooler with snacks
  • water bottles (filled)

Comfort items

  • beach blanket

Someday I'm going to get a beach blanket like this one! It's big enough for the whole family to sit on, but packs up small enough to easily fit in a beach bag. The fabric is cool and comfortable. Sand brushes off easily. Best of all, there are pockets at each corner. Fill the pockets with sand to keep the blanket secure!

  • beach chairs
  • beach umbrella or shade tent

Health and safety

  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen, lip balm 

Here's a quick reminder about how to apply sunscreen.

  • insect repellent
  • small first aid kit

Helpful odds and ends

  • beach camera
  • plastic bags or waterproof bag for wet bathing suits
  • cell phone or money for payphone
  • paperback book (You never know! If you are going with other adults who can take turns supervising, you may have a moment to read! Be sure that a responsible adult is watching the children at all times.)

A trip to the beach is easy and enjoyable when you have a good list!

Now that you have a good beach packing list, click here for more camping list ideas.

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