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Washer Toss Game

The washer toss game is a perfect game to take on your next car camping trip. It's portable, it's fun for the whole family, and it's easy to learn.

washer toss game on grass

Washer toss is similar to horseshoes, but easier to learn and more practical for young children. (Have you tried horseshoes? Getting a ringer is not so easy!)

One of the great things about family camping is the opportunity to play together.

Washer toss is a perfect camping game!

Everyone can play together.

From toddlers to teens to grandparents, anyone who can pick up and drop a washer can play this game.

Everyone can get some exercise.

Not everyone wants to go backpacking or bike riding or wave surfing. Bringing along an easy game like washer toss (or Ladderball or Cornhole or Bocce) means that even the more sedentary types can enjoy a game.

You can begin playing immediately.

There are no complicated rules to learn or skills to develop. Just grab the gear and start tossing the washers!

You don't need a lot of equipment.

Washer toss requires very little gear:

  • 2 targets, each consisting of a square box with a circle of pipe in its centre
  • metal washers in 2 colors (3 of each color)

If you are handy, you can make a set, either using plans or just winging it. You can also buy commercially-made sets. Some are made of wood and some are plastic. This version packs up neatly inside itself.

washer toss game in box

You could even dig a hole in the sand, sink a tin can, and use sticks to outline a square around it!

Whatever equipment you use, the aim of the game remains the same: to get your washers into the target.

Washer toss rules

There are many variations on the rules. Be sure that you all agree on the rules before you begin.

Here's one way to play:

Place your targets and decide on a starting line.

The starting line can be about 20 paces back from the target. You can make it closer or farther to suit your players.

Give 3 washers to each player.

  • The first player tosses a washer.
  • Next, the second player tosses a washer.
  • Take turns until all of the washers have been tossed.

boys playing washer toss

Add up each player's points.

Scoring is very easy! Keep reading...

Collect the washers and play another round.

Keep playing until someone reaches 21 points.

How to score washer toss

  • a washer in the circle earns 3 points
  • a washer in the box (but not in the circle) earns 1 point.

washer toss washers in box

In this photo, red has just earned 4 points, and blue has 3.

After supper and before the campfire begins is a perfect time to play a round or two of the washer toss game. Or play in the middle of the afternoon, when it's too hot to do anything more strenuous!

Now that you know how to play the washer toss game, check out some more great camping games.

For tips on every part of your camping trip, visit The Camping Family home page.

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