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Camping Hacks

Part 8

Camping hack #36

Use a bucket and a milk crate as an emergency toilet.

In an emergency, why not just go behind a tree?

If you've never acquired that very practical skill, you should really read this book.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’m guessing that you won’t enjoy using a bucket either.

If you prefer not to use the woods, and you find yourself somewhere without a bathroom and you are organized enough to bring along a bucket and a milk crate - why not invest in a portable toilet? It will be more comfortable, and will feel more like the real thing.

The bucket and milk crate set-up is awfully bulky for an “emergency” system. When my kids were small and hadn’t yet mastered their “behind the tree” skills, we brought along a little portable potty seat. It didn’t take much room to pack. We lined a basin with a couple of plastic bags and set the seat on top.  That made a perfectly usable portable kid toilet.

The verdict: I didn't try this. It seems impractical for its intended audience.

Camping hack #37

Cotton pads dipped in wax are a crazy easy way to make portable fire starters.

Stay tuned! I am going to try this any day now, as soon as I figure out how to melt the wax without wrecking my pans!

Camping hack #38

Bring microfiber towels — they’re super absorbent and lightweight.

We have a couple of these, and they are great! I wish that I’d remembered to bring these along on our cross-country camping trip.

microfiber towel

They pack very small, they absorb a lot of water, and they dry much faster than a regular towel.

I’d much rather use one of these than use a damp bath towel.

The verdict: These are great!

I highly recommend microfiber towels for camping and traveling!

Camping hack #39

Freeze gallon jugs of water and place them in your cooler.

I’ve done this for years - but I use tetrapacks of juice instead of gallon jugs of water.

tetra juice container in soft cooler

Since tetrapacks are rectangular, they don’t waste space in the cooler.

When the frozen container has thawed, you have nice cold juice to drink!

The verdict: A great idea!

Camping hack #40

Make emergency light sources out of an Altoids tin, cardboard, and wax.

I'll try this on the same day I try #37. It should be an interesting day!

Camping hack #41

Make sandwiches with a campfire panini press.

I would love to try this but I don't have a panini press. Maybe for my birthday......?

Here's the one I'd like!

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