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Words To Songs

Are you hunting for the words to songs you love?

Maybe a scrap of a song is floating through your brain, threatening to drive you mad unless you find the complete lyrics.

Maybe you are planning a family camping trip, and you want to be able to sing around the campfire.

Maybe you sing your children to sleep, but are getting tired of singing the same old lullabies.

You want to learn more song lyrics!

You could do an internet search, and find thousands of possibilities - but if you’re like me, you prefer an actual songbook that you can hold in your hands, with an easy-to-use index that will let you find your favorites easily.

Even better would be a songbook that reminds you of songs you didn’t even know you know!

I have the perfect songbook for you. It’s called Rise Up Singing, and it has the words for 1200 classic songs.

Rise Up Singing songbook

But I need some words to songs right now!

No problem! If you are looking for words to songs to sing right now, visit this page of campfire songs. But if you want a collection of songs that will keep you singing for years to come, you need Rise Up Singing!

"Why is this your favorite songbook?"

I’m glad you asked! This is my favorite for lots of reasons.

I have recommended this songbook to my friends for years, and now I’m delighted to recommend it to you. Here’s why:

It has lots of songs.

Twelve hundred, to be exact!

It has all sorts of songs.

In this book you’ll find everything from Broadway show tunes to patriotic songs to lullabies to hymns to rounds to ….okay, you get the idea.

The songs are easy to find.

This book is exceptionally simple to use.

The songs are grouped by subject into chapters.

The chapters are organized alphabetically, from

  • America
  • Ballads
  • City
  • Creativity
  • Dreams and Fantasies


  • Time and Changes
  • Travelling
  • Unity
  • Women
  • Work

There are also multiple indexes.

Can you remember only the title or the first line of a song?

  • “I am just a poor boy….”
  • “I’m sitting in a railway station…”
  • “I love to go a-wandering…”
  • “Start spreading the news…”

No problem! Look it up in the main index.

You can remember that it's a Scottish song? Check out the "Cultures" index.

You know it's from "The Wizard of Oz"? Look in the "Musicals" index.

You're pretty sure that it was written by Arlo Guthrie? Try the "Artists" index.

Guitar chords are included

Even if you know only a few chords, strum along while you sing. A guitar makes a simple singsong into something special.

The book is easy to hold.

It's just the right size and weight so that you can hold it comfortably.

It's durable.

The sturdy coil-bound cover holds the pages securely.

I've had my copy for many years, and it's still in great shape.

Have I convinced you yet?

Rise Up Singing really is the best songbook I've ever seen. If you'd like your own copy, you can buy one now on Amazon.

Singing in a group - especially with your family, around the campfire - is a wonderful way to create warm happy memories. I wish you many joyful hours, singing together!

Are you planning a family camping trip? Visit The Camping Family home page for lots of helpful information.

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