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Planning A Camping Trip
And Wondering
What You’re Going To Eat?

My System Makes Meal Planning
Easy And Enjoyable!

Hi! I'm Ellen.

I love to go camping.

I love to eat good camping food.

I love to feed my family nutritious meals.

I don't love to spend my vacation planning and cooking meals - so I came up with a solution:

"Good Camping Food:

A Complete Guide to Planning and Preparing Delicious Camping Meals"

One of the best things about a camping trip is the food...

family at picnic table

...but there's just one issue: who is going to make it?

Let me guess: you are!

If you are the camp cook, you want your meals to be as simple as possible - but if you're like me, you quickly get tired of hot dogs and beans!

Are you intimidated by the thought of planning the meals for a camping trip?

I used to dread that part of camping! Then I learned how to do it easily and painlessly - and I designed a complete system to share my methods with you.

tent and picnic table

Meal planning for camping
poses some special challenges...

Planning meals to eat at home is one thing - but there are all sorts of additional challenges when you eat at camp!

  • You have limited storage space.
  • You have a small work area.
  • You may not have running water near your cooking area.
  • You may not have refrigeration - but you don't want to eat only canned food.
  • On your arrival day, you won't have time to think about cooking because you'll be busy setting up camp. Ditto on your last day, when you are packing up.
  • You and your family may be hungrier than you are at home.

... but you still want great food!

You are going on vacation! You want to enjoy everything about it - including your meals. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were as good as those you would get at a resort or in a restaurant?

Taco Salad

You deserve lots of free time.

Your holiday time is limited. You want to spend it having fun: at the beach - or on the hiking trail - or in the hammock - or playing board games at the picnic table. You definitely don't want to spend hours slaving over a stove.

There is a solution!

You can have it both ways: enjoying your days and enjoying your meals.

"Good Camping Food" is a complete blueprint for a successful camping food experience.

Here's what it includes:

  • complete menus for weekend and seven-day camping trips
  • blank menus so that you can design your own personalized plans
  • 47 easy recipes for delicious camping food
  • 5 different worksheets that guide you through the planning and packing steps
  • sample worksheets, filled in for you
  • complete instructions for using the system
  • shopping lists
  • tips, hints and tricks about every aspect of camp cooking

ingredients on picnic table

If you need this guide immediately,
buy it right now for just $9.99.

You'll enjoy every aspect of your trip ...

 ... including the planning and packing! Since I developed this system, I can honestly say that my vacation enjoyment starts as soon as I get out my worksheets. Meal planning is no longer a chore: it's part of the fun!

You'll have lots of leisure time.

All of the meals in Good Camping Food are easy to make, and most don't take much time to prepare. For some, you can do the prep work at home. Your days at camp will be free for the important things!

picnic supper on plate

You'll feel great.

When you and your family eat nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients, you'll feel full of health and energy - just as you should when you are camping!

homemade granola bar

You can save money.

When you know you can cook your own good camping food, you'll be less tempted to buy expensive packaged foods, or to splurge on unplanned restaurant meals. This guide costs only $9.99. That's less than the cost of one family fast food meal!

You don't need to overpack.

Most of these recipes can be made on a two burner camp stove, using simple ingredients and just a few utensils.

ingredients on picnic table

You can buy with confidence.

I'm so sure that you'll love this system that I offer a 12 month money-back guarantee.

Take a whole year to try the guide. If it isn't just what you wanted, I'll cheerfully refund your full purchase price - no questions asked.

Ordering is easy.

Simply click on the order button and be taken to my Secure Order page. Follow the easy instructions.

I respect your privacy and security.

The total security of my ordering system guarantees that your details are kept absolutely safe and confidential.

You'll receive "Good Camping Food" immediately.

This is a downloadable book. Just follow the instructions to receive it right on your computer. You can choose to print it out or read it right on your screen.

You can even put it on your smartphone or iPad and bring it along to camp with you!

Click on this button now.

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Within minutes you'll be reading your new guide and happily planning the meals for your next camping trip.

Have a wonderful vacation!


Once you have purchased your own copy of Good Camping Food, be sure to visit The Camping Family home page for lots of helpful camping advice.

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