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Campfire Stories For Kids

Delight the youngest members of your camping group with these campfire stories for kids. They are just (barely) scary enough to be exciting, but not scary enough to keep your children awake at bedtime.

Ending the day around the campfire is a wonderful camping tradition. You can roast marshmallows, talk about your day, play games and sing songs - and tell stories.


What makes a good campfire story?

Any story can be a campfire story - but many people like a campfire story to be scary.

But what if you have small children, or sensitive older children who would be upset by a really scary story?

You can skip the scary stories completely, of course - or you can tell one of these not-very-scary campfire stories for kids.

These two tales are “jump stories”. The idea is to make your listeners jump with surprise at the end of the tale. There is nothing horrifying or nasty in these stories - just a startling surprise that is exciting for little ones.

By modifying your tone of voice, you can make these stories more or less scary.

You can find more campfire stories for kids in this book.

In A Dark Dark Room

This is a classic campfire story for kids.

This simple little tale is a favorite of many small children.

Make your voice mysterious. Stretch out the suspense. Say the last two words suddenly and loudly. Your listeners will jump!

The story

In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house.

And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room.

And in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard.

And in the dark, dark cupboard there was a dark, dark shelf.

And on the dark, dark shelf there was a dark, dark box.

And in the dark, dark box there was a ghost!

Was that a bit too tame for your kids? If you'd like scarier campfire stories for kids, try these short campfire ghost stories. They are a bit scarier, but not much!

The Teeny Tiny Woman

Little children love the silliness of this teeny tiny story!

Use a mysterious voice to say the words "Give me my bone".

Be sure to use a teeny tiny squeaky voice to speak the last two words - and say them quickly and abruptly so that your listeners jump.

The story

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny woman. She lived in a teeny tiny house at the edge of a teeny tiny woods.

One day the teeny tiny woman decided to go for a teeny tiny walk.

She put her teeny tiny basket over her teeny tiny arm and started out. She went out her teeny tiny door, down her teeny tiny sidewalk, out her teeny tiny gate and along the teeny tiny path.

Soon she came to a teeny tiny graveyard. She decided to go in and look at the teeny tiny gravestones.

On top of one of the teeny tiny gravestones was a teeny tiny bone.

“I am going to take that teeny tiny bone home with me,” said the teeny tiny woman. “I will use it to make a teeny tiny pot of soup for my teeny tiny supper.”

The teeny tiny woman picked up the teeny tiny bone and put it in her teeny tiny basket.

She left the teeny tiny graveyard and headed back up the teeny tiny path to her teeny tiny house.

She went in the teeny tiny gate and up the teeny tiny sidewalk and in her teeny tiny door.

She was a teeny tiny bit tired, so she decided to take a teeny tiny nap. She went into her teeny tiny bedroom and put the teeny tiny bone in her teeny tiny cupboard. Then she lay down on her teeny tiny bed.

She was just dropping off to sleep when she heard from the teeny tiny cupboard a teeny tiny voice saying, “Give me my bone!

The teeny tiny woman was a teeny tiny bit frightened, so she hid her teeny tiny head under her teeny tiny covers.

But then she heard the teeny tiny voice again - and this time it was a teeny tiny bit louder: “Give me my bone!

The teeny tiny woman was a teeny tiny bit more frightened, so she hid her head under her teeny tiny pillow.

And then she heard the teeny tiny voice again. This time it was a teeny tiny bit louder: “Give me my bone!

The teeny tiny woman was a teeny tiny bit more frightened. She stuck her head out of the covers, and said in her loudest teeny tiny voice, “TAKE IT!

Learn all about campfire cooking so that you can eat tasty treats while you enjoy these campfire stories for kids.

Don't forget to sing around the campfire, too! Here are some easy campfire songs.

For just about everything else you'll need to know about your camping vacation, visit The Camping Family home page.

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