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Camping has always been an important part of my life!

Some of my first childhood memories involve camping with my family in our 15 foot Corsair trailer. I remember that it had a water tap that you operated with a hand pump.

When I was about 10, my parents upgraded to a larger model - with a bunkbed and a toilet and a shower! Here I am with my cousins in front of that trailer.

Summer was my favorite part of the year. I couldn't wait to pack the trailer and head off on an adventure. Sometimes we went on a road trip, exploring new places. Sometimes we just parked at a favorite campground and stayed put for weeks at a time.

As a young adult, I continued to love camping. When I lived and worked in the Arctic, I discovered a new adventure: winter camping!

I married a man who loved camping even more than I did! He was (and is) an avid backpacker who likes nothing better than to head off into the wilderness for days at a time.

Of course, when we had children, we were eager to introduce them to camping.

Here's a photo of our very first car camping trip with our first child. He was just two months old!

He was a natural! He seemed to love being outdoors all day and sleeping in a tent at night.

We took him on his first backpacking trip a couple of months later.

We were relieved to find out that backpacking with a baby is very easy.

Then along came baby #2. Of course, we took him camping immediately too! He doesn't look too thrilled in this picture, but he was a great little camper right from the start. We had to get a bigger tent that would fit all four of us.

With two small children, we decided that backpacking was a bit too ambitious for us.

Instead, we did a lot of car camping.

When we wanted to explore remote areas, we went canoe camping.

When baby #3 arrived, camping was more hectic and even more fun!

With three children under the age of six, we decided that it was time to get a trailer. I wanted to know that we could be warm and cozy in any weather.

Owning our little Bigfoot trailer allowed us to camp earlier in the spring and later in the fall, no matter what. Even when our youngest child became seriously ill, camping remained an important part of our lives.

When we outgrew the little trailer, we upgraded to an Okanagan ultralite. What luxury! We had a full sized fridge, big comfy beds, and lots of room to spread out. We could go anywhere and be as comfortable as at home.

When the boys got bigger, we noticed that we weren't using the trailer as often. These days we do mainly road trips with a tent, or canoe camping, or backpacking.

We've sold the trailer, and are a tenting family once again.

I can't wait to set out on our next camping trip! If you'd like to follow our adventures, please "Like" me on Facebook.

Happy Camping!

Before setting off on your next camping adventure, be sure to visit the Complete Family Camping Guide home page. You'll find all the information you'll need to make your family camping trip a success.


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